Gevma (Main Foods)Souvlaki

Hellenic Platter:  Choose any one of our Main Foods and two sides (Beans, Potatoes, Rice Pilaf), salad, roll, and butter for $5.00 more

Moussaka: Delicate layers of sautéed eggplant, potatoes, and meat sauce topped with a delicious cheese sauce then carefully baked… $8.00

PastitsioDelicious layers of macaroni, meat sauce, and cheese all topped with a delicious béchamel sauce then baked to perfection… $8.00

PlakiGreek style, fresh white cod baked with fresh vegetables and spices… (Served only on Friday) $8.00

Kota (Greek Chicken):  Greek style skinless boneless chicken, slow roasted with special Greek herbs   … $8.00

Chicken or Pork Souvlaki1/2 lb of meat of your choice marinated in a delicious blend of Greek spices charcoaled to perfection $7.00

Lamb ShankBraised lamb shank cooked in a Greek tomato Sauce with herbs and vegetables $9.00

Saláta (Large)Salad greens, tomato, cucumber, onions, Greek olives, Feta cheese with a Greek vinaigrette dressing and bread\pita $7.00

……With meat choice of (chicken/pork souvlaki, gyro) $10.00

Delicious Greek Mezethes

Keftethes:  A specially spiced Greek meatball great as an appetizer or with any meal. Ask for them to be put over the rice you. 3 for $3.00

Dolmathes:  A homemade Greek favorite you have to try. Rice, and herb stuffed grape leaves… 3 for $3.00

Greek Potatoes: Oven roasted potatoes, slow roasted with special Greek herbs…  $2.50

Green BeansGreek style green beans simmered with tomatoes, onions and special herbs…  $2.50

Rice PilafGreek rice steamed in butter…   $2.50

Spanakotiropita:  Homemade flaky Greek strudel filled with a combination of  spinach and cheese… 2oz for $3.00

Tiropita:  Special cheeses fill this  light, tasty Greek filo dough. A favorite of many Greeks…  2oz for $3.00

Rizogalo:  Special homemade Greek rice pudding $3.00

Avgolemono Soup:  Award Winning. It’s a wonderful blend of rice and lemon sure to satisfy your palate… $3.00


Taverna FoodsGyro

Gyro Sandwich:  A warm pita filled with gyro meat and topped with tomatoes, onions, lettuce and our special tzatziki sauce…      $7.00                   Platter with Greek Fries …                                         $9.00

Souvlaki Sandwich:  A pita filled with pork or chicken marinated in a delicious blend of Greek spices and grilled to perfection…    $7.00

             Platter with Greek Fries…                                          $9.00

Vegetarian Gyro:  A fresh, hot pita filled with tomatoes, onions, lettuce and our special tzatziki sauce…                                          $6.00

            Platter with Greek Fries …                                         $8.00

Greek Fries: Fresh, deep fried potatoes with Greek seasonings…       $3.00

Saláta (Side)Salad greens, tomato, cucumber, onions, Greek olives, Feta cheese with a Greek vinaigrette dressing…               $3.00

Glyká (Greek Pastries)Kataifi

Glyká SamplerAn assorted plate of pastries assembled for the Greek In you (baklava, finiki, kourambie, 2 koulourakia, galaktobouriko)   $6.00

TsourekiaFreshly baked Greek sweet bread…                                   $6.00

Baklava: A rich, baked dessert prepared with many layers of thin buttered filo dough, walnuts, spices and honey syrup…       $2.00

Kourambiethes: A butter cookie covered with powdered sugar       $1.00

Koulourakia: Delicious butter cookie, not too sweet, twisted into a pretty shape…                                  $0.50 each       12 for $6.00

Finikia: A delicious, oval-shaped cookie dipped in honey and sprinkled with walnuts…                                                                $1.00

Galaktobouriko:  A delectable custard dessert baked between thin pastry sheets and drizzled with syrup…                              $2.00

Kataifi:  Specially shredded filo dough wrapped around walnut mix, baked with butter & honey dipped…                                    $2.00

Pecan Blossoms: Flaky filo dough cups filled with pecans and  drizzled with a citrus-honey syrup….                                          $2.00

Baklava Chocolate Triangles:  Get them while they last…                                                                                                           $2.00

Baklava Sundaes:  A delicious, generous combination of baklava, ice cream, drizzled chocolate, and more…                            $5.00

Loukoumathes:  Light honey puffs served with Greek honey syrup and cinnamon…                                                            6 for $3.00

* Prices are subject to change