The Choir at St. George

Every liturgy is an opportunity to enter into the eternal worship of the Kingdom of God, and the efforts of the St. George choir, humble as they may be, are coupled with those of the clergy and congregation, so that together we may praise our Lord Jesus Christ.

As a group, we chant the Divine Liturgy on Sundays and assist the chanters during Holy Week. Individually, we participate at the chanter’s stand for daily Liturgies, Vespers and Orthos.

We use a variety of sources for our music. For our Plagal of the First and Plagal of the Fourth Sunday Liturgies, we use music from New Byzantium Publications (, a website devoted to providing frequently used hymns in both Greek and English. For our Mode Three Liturgy, we use NiPaVou Press music. We also use Fr. Seraphim Dede’s site ( for our selections from the Menaion (daily hymns dedicated to particular saints) and Orthros.

This past year, the choir has added chanting the Paraklesis to the Theotokos to its repertoire and is learning the Plagal of the Second Liturgy.

Thank you to our choir for its dedication and willingness to serve at St. George.